Mr. Narendra Modi announced a total of 411 Lions.

Gir National Park: This is where the jungle king lives!


Your Take Away

  • Gir National Park is an excellent stopover for nature lovers and wildlife photographers
  • Gir National Park is the last bastion for Asiatic Lions making it the most valued feline of India
  • Take pleasure in the Dhamal dance performed by the Siddhi tribes who have a deep connexion with Africa
  • Just a few hours drive will take you to the great Somnath Temple standing gloriously on the western coast of Gujarat
Gir National Park

Located in the western part of Gujarat, Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary is the only place outside Africa where lions are living. Spread across the park is a blend of dry deciduous forest and savannah forest. The perennial and seasonal rivers flowing in the park along with other water bodies have created an amiable environment for marsh crocodiles, reptiles, and birds. Currently, the park is swelling up with lion & leopard population making it an outstanding place for feline lovers. Besides wildcats, many rare species such as Jackal, Striped Hyena, Langur, Porcupine, Black-naped Hare are also found in abundance.

Gir has about 400 lions and 300 leopards, making it as one of the major 'big cat' concentrations in India. Deer such Sambar & Chital, Antelopes such as Blue Bull, Four-horned antelope, Indian gazelle and Wild Boar are in abundance in Gir. Jackal, Striped Hyena, Jungle and Rusty-spotted cat, Langur, Porcupine, Black-naped Hare are among the other mammals of Gir.

Gir has a large population of marsh crocodile, which is among the 40 species of reptiles and amphibians recorded in the sanctuary.

The park checklist has over 250 species of birds. Rare species such as Lesser Florican and the Sarus Crane are recorded in the grasslands along the periphery of the sanctuary.

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